Poor old Pasuya: Incompetence or a witch-hunt?

The head of the Government Information Office (GIO) Pasuya Yao has had a rough couple of months:

No wonder some are now calling him the George Costanza of Taiwanese politics!

Why have all these news stories come out recently? Well, of course, the most obvious answer is that Yao is an incompetent minister with a knack for putting his foot in it. However, it can hardly be coincidence that all these stories have come out after he was responsible for refusing to renew the licenses of several TV channels – thus drawing the ire of Taiwanese media. Freedom of the press means that if you piss off the press, then they will get their revenge. Pasuya Yao must be yearning for the ‘good old days’ of the GIO (otherwise known as the ‘James Soong years’) when anyone critical of the GIO would have been shipped off to Green Island, and their newspaper shut down.

But wait, it gets worse

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did:

4 thoughts on “Poor old Pasuya: Incompetence or a witch-hunt?

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  3. snakefighter

    Quick, name some other ministers in the Taiwanese gov’t–where do they work? Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Ministry of blahblahblah? 甚麼甚麼部? Now–where does “Minister” Yao work? What’s that? The Government Information OFFICE? 新聞局? Yes, he insists he’s a “minister” in English even though he’s not a 部長– a little promotion via translation.

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