Leaving Taiwan

Sunset on TaipeiSo, after five and a half happy years living in Taipei, I’m moving back to England next month. I’ve got quite settled here in Taiwan, so wasn’t really thinking of moving for a few years yet – but a really cool job offer has come up which is just too good to miss.

What will happen to ‘One whole jujuflop situation’? Well, I’m not too sure yet. I hope to keep it going – but whether I’ll be able to keep on top of what’s going on in Taiwan remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: I’m not going to suddenly switch to writing about British politics – that’s just boring!

9 thoughts on “Leaving Taiwan

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  2. wolf_reinhold

    You will lose interest in Taiwan and its politics, trust me.
    As a long departed expat said, “Taiwan is a food stain on the necktie of the world.”
    What is this “cool” job offer?

  3. James

    Good luck in your new job. It’d be really great if you kept posting, if you still have the time and interest.

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  5. Kerim Friedman

    I look forward to reading about politics in England! I’m sure they are just as absurd.

    (NOTE: Everything I know about English politics I learned from “Yes, Minister”!)

  6. Taiwan Echo


    I hope that you could keep paying your attention on Taiwan politics. With the web media nowadays, infomation could be easily obtained over the net.

    I have to take this chance to emphasize the importance of you guys to the progressing of Taiwan toward a normal democratic society. One of Taiwan’s society chaos comes from the discrimination of northern Taiwanese (NT) to the southern Taiwanese (ST). NT think they are highly educated, speaking better manderin (that means, more like chinese), … and they are totally brained washed to consider china is their future.

    One of their criteria of “being highly educated” is being able to speak/read/write in Engilsh, and an article written in English would have far more impact on them than that same article if it is written in manderin. That means, you guys can do what pan-green intellects can’t do. You guys (English blog writers) are playing a very crucial roles in helping Taiwan to shape its future.

  7. sun bin

    hope you will still be discussing about taiwan from time to time. not many rational voice in the english blogosphere.

    in case you are still reading taiwan news, one innocent question:

    I read that the president is protected from being charge/impeach of fraud and other criminal offence (about the state affair reimbursement / receipt scandal).
    is this common is other countries? e.g US, UK? or is this just of one of those Asian (Chiang KS) relics which were not amended because amending constitution is such a big hassle/controversy.

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